Inside Sales Manager / National Sales Managers

This is opportunity is unlike any other in our industry and we are going to support the growth with in your section of the company so we need a SOLID COMMITMENT .

We are looking for inside sales managers, call center or call room managers who can handle a team of 50-200 sales reps being handed over and keep up with other management with in the company to learn as you go, quickly. .
Take 100 reps that make ONLY 1 deal a month and your commission on those 100 deals will be at least even if half of your reps only submit ONE deal each for the month you will still come out winning. (100 Deals =$8685.00)
Build a team from 50-200 reps and make a generous percentage on your team.
We will supply a steady flow of new candidates and we will train them.
With 50-200 sales agents, all working from home in a satellite office scenario its a must that you absolutely love motivating sales reps to their peak performance by speaking with them on a daily conference calls and engaging in side conversations of strategy all day every day.
Every week we will provide you with new candidates that have been through our live training webinar and we will expect you to connect with them as a helping hand to get them through their first several sales. We will provide marketing materials used to gain interest in the feild and generate a comprehensive cost comparison based on the prospects previous month's billing.
You will need to introduce your self to the reps as they come out of training, help your rep stay motivated to build and manage their pipeline until they are proven consistent producers . Keep tack of your reps names, contact information, territories and monthly deal count using our live spreadsheet and other online collaboration tools.
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